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Synchronize Your IAS Subscription with an existing ICLUBcentral login from any of our sites, including EquityResearchService, StockCentral, Small Cap Informer, MyStockProspector, or myICLUB.

If you subscribe to IAS and you also already have a username and password for or, you can use those login credentials to access IAS online. You can use that or username even if you no longer have an active subscription to those sites.

If you do not have an IAS subscription, please subscribe here. StockCentral subscribers are eligible for a discount on subscriptions – please check the Discounts tab on the web site.

To synchronize your login credentials, please provide below the email address that you provided when you subscribed to the Investor Advisory Service (this is the e-mail address to which IAS announcements, renewal notices, and other communications are sent). Then provide your current or expired or username and password.

If you have any problems please contact Customer Support.

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