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One of the Nation's Top-Performing Stock Investment Newsletters

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  • In-Depth Profiles of Recommended Companies
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"...without a doubt, subscribing to the IAS newsletter has helped me to become a better investor." – D.L., Boston, MA
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Award-Winning Performance

As a top-performing investment newsletter, the IAS has consistently been recognized by for its superior track record in both bull and bear markets.

Time-Tested Methodology

Since 1973, the IAS has outperformed the overall market with a sound, buy-and-hold approach to identifying well-managed, high-quality companies.

Stocks Overlooked by Wall Street

The IAS highlights emerging and oft-overlooked stocks with excellent growth potential and reasonable valuations.

In-Depth Company Profiles

Each issue analyzes two or three stocks in detail, along with providing timely market and economic commentary in plain English.

Available in Online and Print Editions

Issues are available online the moment they're published for both print and digital subscribers. Plus, search years of back issues in the IAS archives.

Regular Updates and Alerts

Receive updates on 60 or so previous recommendations, including e-mail alerts of breaking company news and sell recommendations.

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2023-24 Hulbert Investment Newsletter Honor Roll

The Investor Advisory Service is proud to be named to the Hulbert Investment Newsletter Honor Roll for our 14th consecutive year of eligibility, the only newsletter to be included so long. In 2023-24, the IAS was one of just four equity and mutual fund newsletters to receive this prestigious accolade and tied for the highest annual rate of return of all newsletters on the most recent list. The Investor Advisory Service has also outperformed the market over the last 3-, 5-, 10- and 20-year periods, making it the best stock newsletter for consistent long-term stock market performance.