Newsletter Gain since April 2000
The Investment Reporter 10.95%
Investor Advisory Service 10.48%
Bob Brinker's Marketimer 8.14%
Wilshire 5000 Total Return Index 6.06%

According to Mark Hulbert, “The most important reason to pay attention to the Newsletter Honor Roll, in my opinion: It helps you steer clear of particularly risky services that, even though they may produce stellar long-term returns, require more intestinal fortitude to follow than most investors possess.”

When it comes to providing greater returns than the market during both bull and bear cycles, few newsletters can match the Investor Advisory Service record.

Here are all of the investment newsletters that have been named to the Hulbert Investment Newsletter Honor Roll since 2010. You will see that the IAS returns during the Honor Roll period are higher than any of the stock advisor newsletters that appear most consistently on the list -- a tribute to our slow-and-steady approach to drive investment returns for subscribers.
Newsletter # of Yrs on Honor Roll Since 2010
Investor Advisory Service 11
Bob Brinker's Marketimer 11
The Buyback Letter 10
Sound Advice 9
Investment Quality Trends 7
Zacks Premium 6
The Oxford Club 5
Fidelity Investor 4
Morningstar StockInvestor 4
Outstanding Investments 4
Roger Conrad's Utility Forecaster 4
The Investment Reporter 4
InvesTech Research Portfolio Strategy 3
All Star Fund Trader 2
The Blue Chip Investor 2
Value Line Survey Small & MidCap Edition 2
No Load Fund*X 2
Moneyletter 1
Cabot Market Letter 1
No-Load Fund Analyst 1

Note that many of these newsletters focus on mutual funds or market timing, while the Investor Advisory Service focuses on fundamental analysis of the long-term growth potential of common stocks. This traditional approach to stock analysis has reaped big rewards compared to many other newsletters and services.

Unlike more short-term-oriented, trading-style newsletters such as the Motley Fool Stock Advisor or Bob Brinker's Marketimer, the IAS methodology can be implemented by any investor, doesn't require huge amounts of initial capital, and only uses a few buys and sells a year!

Best Stock Newsletter

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